Effects of Litter

  • Health
  • Water pollution
  • Rats and other vermin - Rats thrive in litter and those with fleas carry disease.
  • Business investment
  • Finances - the collection and disposal of litter makes enormous demands on the human and financial resources of the County Council
  • Image of Area - the appearance of litter seriously undermines the good image of the area, damages the environment and spoils the appearance of otherwise attractive areas.
  • Community Pride
  • Fear
  • Lack of respect
  • Animals suffer by swallowing or choking on litter. Many animlas are also injured or killed trying to get food littered on the road.

Hedgehogs are reported to be dying after getting stuck in McDonalds ice cream cartons which have been thrown away. The hogs are attracted to the smell of the ice cream but when they go for a lick their prickly spines mean they can't get out. It's said many have been found dead or dying with their heads stuck in the dome-shaped carton.
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