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A second years of the "Tech Check" programme has been launched by the 35 City and County Enterprise Boards.

Information Providers have two consultants onboard which each have over 20 years experience who have been vetted and approved by the local enterprise boards to provide this consultancy to the local counties.

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A €2 million Tech Check scheme has been launched

2,000 businesses across Ireland offered ‘almost free’ technology advice to aid profitability

Almost two thousand smaller businesses, across the country, are being offered an independent review of the information technology they use, to identify where any improvements can make their companies more profitable. The ‘Tech Check’ programme is a €2 million government initiative run by, the 35 City and County Enterprise Boards (CEB). A similar programme launched late last year saw almost 1,000 businesses sign up for a ‘Tech Check’ with some CEB regions reporting they were twice oversubscribed. Based on the success of last year’s campaign it has been decided to budget for 2,000 business checks this year.

Information Providers have been approved locally as a “Tech Check” Information Technology Consultancy firm by the Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, and Westmeath County Enterprise Boards to carry out an assessment of your business and to provide you with solid nonsense advice that will help you to become more productive while saving you money and time and ensuring that you are availing of the very latest technology, and technical expertise.

If you wish to apply for a “Tech Check” please call us on 043 33 40444, or email us on

The ‘Tech Check’ costs only €150, which is a fraction of its commercial cost. It takes just one day for an independent consultant to analyse a company’s use of technology, from hardware to software, from cash registers to CRM software packages to phone systems, whatever the company is using. The consultant then produces a brief, confidential ‘no nonsense’ report highlighting the best options a business may take to improve profitability through better use of technology. The report’s integrity is guaranteed as the independent consultant makes recommendations but may not sell the businesses any solutions.

According to Eamon Ryan, Chair of the CEB Network, “The ‘Tech-Check’ is designed not to waste the time of small business owners. Each ‘no-nonsense’ assessment gathers information on the client’s business and the current technical capacity and usage and the advisers focus on maximising the benefits of the existing installations before recommending further investment. The advisers provide a short focused report tailored to the particular needs of the individual business and solutions that are appropriate and they specifically avoid over-engineered or “over-spec`ed” solutions. Last year one of my colleagues referrred to ‘Tech Check’ as being the ‘Business Bargain of the Century’ and this is, no doubt, why it was so popular. I strongly urge those smaller enterprises, who really can derive a major benefit from the service, to get on to their local CEB and avoid being one of the many hundreds of disappointed SMEs that we had last year. Though each CEB is given a strict allocation, the demand in the majority of CEB areas far outstripped demand, and therefore ‘Tech Checks’ will be given on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

The ‘Tech-Check’ programme is based on a recommendation from the Small Business Forum to create more awareness of the benefits of ICT and to drive adoption of new technology, through a programme of ICT audits. The Government backed €2m programme, will enable the CEBs to provide access to the programme for up to 2,000 individual businesses in a full year of operation.

The programme is open to all small businesses in all sectors of commercial activity. Interested small businesses can apply directly to their local CEB to participate in the programme. Details of the thirty-five CEBs are available at

See Tech-Check

If you wish to apply for a “Tech Check” please call us on 043 33 40444, or email us on


"The promoters felt that their competitors were more advanced in terms of marketing and selling on-line. Although FX Clothing had a company website, it wasn’t generating any sales leads for the business" read more click here

Fingal CEB, Client FX Clothing Ltd, of Balbriggan Business Park in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

"They realised that their ICT systems were inadequate to meet anticipated needs and they didn’t have a company website. They were also unsure about backing up documents".... to read more click here

Fingal CEB, Client MARINE SUPPLIERS LTD, based on the West Pier in Howth, Co. Dublin

“I heard of Tech Check through the local business network and and the radio ads and I felt I needed someone to look at my I.T. systems but did not know where to start. I thought it could improve my business efficiencies and give me more time to work with my business customers.”.... to read more click here

Kerry CEB, Client Payback Solutions Ltd., Killarney, Co. Kerry

Limerick County Enterprise Board, which runs the initiative in County Limerick, has received enquiries and applications for ‘Tech-Check’ above the national average. In addition, the independent experts conducting I.C.T. check ups have reported a refreshingly positive attitude among County Limerick’s small businesses towards using computers and communications technology to further growth.

Limerick County Enterprise Board, Clients; Glance Promotions,, Wild Orchard, Techno Path and McSweeney Sports Surfaces have taken the Tech Check challenge

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