Online Backup

Online backup is a simple, secure, convenient, equipment free means of ensuring that you have a second copy of you data whether it be documents, databases, spreadsheets, emails, videos, images, audio, laptop or PC hard drives, etc.

We can continuously back up your data via the Internet or back it up at predetermined intervals. Or on a daily basis company files can be automatically synchronised with our data servers and is continuously mirrored to a secondary data centre. Importantly, you can also recover your date via our online restore your utility 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Security: Data is automatically compressed, encrypted and securely transferred and is very fast to transfer. Online backup allows you to meet your legal and data insurance requirements.

Cost: You only pay a low monthly or annual fee for the service. This includes installation, support and regular software updates. AS customers data requirements can vary considerable, call 043 33 40444 or email and will provide you with an accurate costing.

We also support all of the equipment in our online shop

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