Detailed Visitor Statistics


The Web traffic-analysis market has only developed in the last few years. Today it is a multi-million euro segment of the software industry. Clearly, this is being driven by the growth of the World Wide Web, and the desire to know as much as possible about visitors, through self-identification, registration, and Web logs.

Why Are Web-Traffic Statistics Important?
These statistics can be used to change your web site, as a result of visitor analysis, and to make alterations which can increase the site's popularity and marketing potential.

Each package may provide slightly different statistics but, typically, they let you know:

  • Who is visiting your web site
  • Which are the most popular browsers being used by visitors
  • Which Web search engines are used by visitors to find the site
  • If appropriate, which banner ads are bringing the most visitors
  • Where errors or bad links may be occurring in your Web pages

By analysing your web site log files, you can spot significant trends about your visitors and customers. For instance:
  • How many visitors your web site gets
  • How visitors normally find your web site
  • What key words and search phrases work best for finding your site
  • What are your most visited Web pages
  • How long your visitors stay on your web site
  • Which countries your visitors come from
From this information you can make design changes to improve the performance of your web site. For example:
  • You might spot a trend that indicates many of your visitors are coming from a particular search engine when they were looking for a specific product or service. When they get to this page, you want to make sure that it provides the right information to make the sale.
  • Your logs show that most people get to your "Widgets" page via a path through three other pages in your site. You want more traffic on this page, so you make the "Widgets" link on your home page more prominent.
  • Your log files show that your five different navigation-bar image files are the most frequently requested graphics, and that they appear to be slowing down some page loads. The page should be revised so that they consist of five separate smaller images, which load faster.
Basically, the information in your log files can help you improve many aspects of your site. Traffic-analysis software allows you to ask questions which help you fine-tune your Web marketing strategy, and Web marketing without statistical analysis can be ineffective.