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Longford Senior Championship Final 2012 Live Video Broadcast


The video broadcast is at the end of these instructions

This year’s Longford County Senior Championship final replay will have the added dimension of being broadcast live across the internet. Viewers worldwide will see the 2010 and 2011 champions Longford Slashers pitted against new kids on the block Killoe, in what, if the drawn game is anything to go by, will be a closely and keenly fought contest.

The broadcast which is being part sponsored and provided by local technology company Information Providers Ltd, can be viewed by visiting the "Community" section of the Information Providers website, www.Information-Providers.ie

The broadcast is in particular aimed at the Diaspora so make sure to inform your friends, relations, and family who are residing abroad, whether they be in America, Canada, Australia, or England, if they have a desire for viewing some action and interviews from home, to tune in.

In addition there will also be a live commentary, an on-line live chat application, video clips, pictures, and interviews on the website during the days in the run-up to the final. Viewers are strongly advised to check in with the site in the days prior to the game for further instructions and to test audio and video reception. The broadcast itself will begin at 3:00pm Irish time (GMT) on Sunday while the game itself is schedule for 3:30pm.




1. The match can be viewed by going to the "Community" section of the following website: www.Information-Providers.ie .

2. Make sure to tell your family and friends who are living away from home. Feel free to cut and paste the information from here. Make sure to invite participants via Facebook, Twitter, email, text, etc.

3. Visit the website in the days prior to the broadcast to read the latest updates regarding the broadcast. ( Make sure to “refresh” your web browser frequently so that you get to see any changes to the site, and especially after any service disruptions, otherwise your browser will not be aware that the issue has been resolved. To refresh your browser, press the F5 function key on your keyboard.

4. Make sure to test your Audio and Video Reception in the days prior to the game. If you leave it to the last minute assuming it will work, there can be many small issues with your computer that will trip you up such as; software updates, audio settings, speakers, etc.

5. In the event of a serious outage occurring during the live videocast, viewers can tune into Shannonside Radio to listen to an audio commentary of the game. Although Shannonside may also be cover other games or events, most of the game will be covered on their broadcast. Shannonside Radio can be reached at http://www.shannonside.ie/

6. Note, you may choose to listen to either of audio broadcasts while watching the video, you can do his by opening a second browser session to the Shannonside website while at the same time turning down the volume on the video broadcast.

7. You can view in full screen mode by clicking on the square icon which appears on the bottom right hand corner of the video viewer. Note however, that the quality of Full Screen Video may not be as good as the smaller display, and also requires a good quality broadband connection.

8. For a better experience, consider using a digital projector, you could project the "small" video viewer onto a whiteboard or wall. The video quality is better in the small video viewer.

9. The quality of the video may degrade if you have low capacity/speed broadband. The higher capacity the broadband the better. So if you have the opportunity to view from a premises that has a higher speed, then you should consider this ahead of time.

10. Viewers can watch the event through any devices such as through PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile devices including smart phones and set top boxes

11. We may at some stage after the game provide a stream of the official game video after it has been produced. Especially if any technical issues interrupt the live broadcast. We will look into the feasibility and the permissions required to do same.



A Word of Thanks:


To the Longford Leader and Shannonside Radio whose articles we have referenced and who have been so cooperative and helpful.

To the Information Provides engineers and technicians who have worked very hard to bring this even to you, Robert Breslin, Daniel Berrigan, Paul McGee, Shane McEntee, and Managing Director Kevin Hourican for their long hours and diligent work to help make this happen.

To Declan Gilmore, D.G. Photography & Video, for his assistance and camera work. Declan will be selling the DVD's of the game, drop us an email and we will link him up with you.

We would like to extend our best wishes to both Killoe Young Emmets and the Longford Slashers players, their management, and clubs. They are the ones who this is all about. Their dedication and commitment has taken them this far, best wishes in the final.  Their respective websites are http://longfordslashers.com/ and http://killoe.gaa.ie/

Finally, the service is sponsored and provided free of charge to viewers. It has taken a lot of effort and a lot of long hours by many people to produce. In return all we ask for is an email ( Webcasting@information-providers.ie ) or a Facebook comment from viewers who may appreciate the service or who may wish to provide feedback. We hope that those who are living abroad and cannot be at home for the match enjoy this live broadcast and the game.

Channel 1 - Main Camera

Channel 2 - Secondary Camera

Click on this link to view a video from the Longford Leader County Final update - the replay !

Longford Leader Video Content


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