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Plans Emails per month Additional per 1,000
FREE (30 day trial) 100 N/A
e30/mo 2,000 e5.00
e65.90/mo 10,000 e4.00
e89.90/mo 20,000 e3.00
e135.90/mo 50,000 e2.00
e210.90/mo 100,000 e1.60

Email Markeing

FREE (30 day trial)
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2,000 Recipients Per Month
Price: 30euro/month

10,000 Recipients Per Month
Price: 65.90 euro / month

20,000 Recipients Per Month
Price: 89.90 euro / month

50,000 Recipients Per Month
Price: 135.90 euro / month

100,000 Recipients Per Month
Price: 210.90 euro / month

Thank you for your business. We look forward to providing you with a successful and profitable email marketing solution.

Large volume plans

The Information Providers email marketing Large Volume Plans offer a low-cost, professional email marketing software solution for enterprises that expect to send more than 30,000 message per month. PLease call or email us if your requirments are different from those outlined above and we will provide you with a custom solution.


Professional services



Professional services

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