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Webcasting Arrives as an
Effective Business Tool

A growing number of businesses are beginning to understand that the technology can also be used to market products, train workers, educate customers, deliver company news and communicate information to the world at large.To-date, breaking news events, music videos or lewd movies, has been the primary propagator of this technology, not so any more as the technology begins to find more main stream uses.

Despite some worry about potential costs and the current primitive state of computer-based video corporate webcasting is rapidly moving into the business mainstream. Webcasts can cost from 3,000 to 20,000 to produce, depending on the specific tools used, in addition to such factors as special effects, frame rate and program length. This is not a considerable amount of money considering the pay back.

Enda Hayden, Webcast Team Manager at Information Providers assess that "When you consider how much it costs to fly a group of people to a single location for an in-person meeting or to send a bunch of trainers to customer sites, the expenses associated with a webcast can be relatively minor."

Webcasts are also less costly than videoconferences sent over leased lines and satellite links, particularly when large numbers of remote users need to be linked together.

Another advantage to webcasts is improved productivity.Employees and managers working in their offices are more likely to be doing productive things than people that are travelling in a car, sitting on an airplane or waiting in a an airport.

Webcasts also tend to provide higher-quality information than onsite meetings and training sessions offer. Audiences benefit from the use of this technology because they get better information, direct from the expert, rather than from people who may not have the same grasp as the expert, passing on their version of the topic.

The technology concerns surrounding webcasting are also starting to fade. Rapidly expanding bandwidth is making high-quality, full-motion video a practical proposition for most professional users. Even many home-based workers, denied access to T1 lines and other corporate-oriented high-bandwidth connections, can tune into high-quality webcasts thanks to emerging Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modem technologies.

As the field is becoming more practical all the time companies in the I/T, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and financial services areas are proving to be at the forefront in its usage.

The technology will rapidly spread to nearly all types of organizations over the next several years, predicts Enda. One-to-one and one-to-few communication is critical in today's overwhelming information glut. There's a growing need for organisations to find ways of communicating with people efficiently, effectively and cost effectively."

To request a webcast or for more details, please e-mail:
thewebcastteam@information-providers.ie or call (+353) 43 40444.


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