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Email Hosting

Businesses large and small are embracing email as a fundamental business tool for bringing people and information together, no matter where they are located: down the hall, in a different building, in another company, or across the globe.

This ability to exchange information quickly and securely is essential for organisations wanting to forge closer links within their ranks and with their customers, suppliers, and trading partners.

Domain Email

With Information-Providers Hosting Package, you get your own domain name. One of the advantages of having your own domain name (yourdomain.com) is that you can receive email addressed to your domain rather than your ISP's domain, eircom.net or indigo.ie. Futhermore, once you have a domain registered and hosted at Interpoint you can:
  • Create and maintain email addresses for you and your individual employees like sally@yourdomain.com, or mike@yourdomain.com.
  • Use popular generic email addresses such as info@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, or support@yourdomain.com.
  • Alias Mail Repoint You can distribute mail addressed to your mailbox (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com) to another email address.
  • You can even set up auto responders.

Email benefits
Electronic mail, or email, is the most fundamental use of the Internet. With electronic mail you can send messages to people across town, across the country, or across the globe instantaneously. It is a concept that is radically reshaping how the world communicates.

With email you can conduct detailed, articulate discussions and exchanges of information, without the limitations of mutual schedules, or meeting times, or even time zones. Email is easy, economical, and very useful.

Email goes even further -- you can also send and receive digitised pictures, sounds, and entire computer programs, using Internet email as a "carrier". Hundreds of electronic libraries and archives all over the world use this technique to provide you with access to their resources.

Finally, you can subscribe to mailing lists -- electronic equivalents of magazines or newspapers. Except on these magazines, the subscribers can all talk with each other, turning the list into a private forum.

Email, like the other more advanced services on the Internet, will introduce you to the next stage of the Information Age and quickly put you on that road to the "Information Superhighway".

Internet Services Domain Names Website Design Website Hosting Email Hosting Search Engines Monthly Statistics


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