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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

Best Data Protection Practices

Offsite, offline and out of reach
Below is a round-up of best practices that we recommend for offsite vaulting of your data. These practices are presented here as a guideline to be used to protect a company's data assets. Of course, your actual situation will dictate the best practices that make the most sense:
  • Offsite, offline, and out-of-reach. Without a secure, offsite backup, there is no recovery.
  • Practice, test, and refine your critical recovery processes before you need them (without the pressure of being down).
  • Have a backup rotation scheme that provides a depth of file versions to protect against viruses and hacker attacks.
  • Make duplicate backup copies and keep one copy on-site and the other offsite.
  • Include every hard disk drive in your backup process, including networked PCs, laptops, palmtops, servers, RAID systems, and telecommuters.
  • Always use a "verify" procedure to ensure that files have been correctly written to tape; try restoring a few to make sure.
  • Use mainstream market leaders with viable roadmaps for backup and archive hardware, software, and services.
  • Automate backups with autoloaders and libraries for unattended operation; plan for growth.
  • Adhere to a backup strategy that includes at least daily incremental or differential backups and full weekly backups. This provides backup copies of data that allow for recovery prior to virus infection or other data corruption.
Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

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