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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

Main Frame Vaulting

Offsite, offline and out of reach
Electronic systems are a part of today's businesses. From e-mail communications to e-commerce, business operations rely on an ever-increasing number of systems. These systems cannot go down. System outages may cause the loss of mission-critical data, resulting in missed business opportunities, lost revenue, and customer dissatisfaction. Business continuance is paramount. Companies struggle to implement a business continuance architecture with limited in-house expertise and funds available.

To address these increasingly complex disaster recovery requirements, Information Providers provides mainframe-based electronic vaulting solutions, well established offsite vaulting facilities, media management skills, professional service expertise, data networks, and networking equipment. This offering provides an alternative solution for disaster recovery. Now an existing offsite vaulting disaster recovery plan can be fortified easily and economically. Business continuance is ensured, without adding IT resources.

The electronic tape vaulting provided by Information Providers reduces the business impact to your company during a system outage. The recovery process is enhanced by extending data protection, improving data currency, and reducing data recovery time. The duration of the outage and the on-site workload are reduced.

The electronic vaulting system connects a customer site to the Information Providers offsite vaulting facility, where transmitted data is secured on tapes or disk drives. The vaulting system allows more timely electronic updates and Protection of information created between nightly tape backups. Company data may also be protected by creating a backup directly in the offsite facility. At the time of testing or disaster recovery, the electronically vaulted data is applied to the hot site system.

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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

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