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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

Tape Relocation

Offsite, Offline and out of reach
You just learned that your company is planning to relocate its data centre. You are responsible for the safe and timely movement of the library. You must ensure 100% accountability during the transfer. In fact, you are responsible for the continued existence of your company's business! You need a relocation partner to guide you through the planning and decision making process, to see your tape library is safely, securely and efficiently relocated.

At Information Providers Offsite Data Protection, we've developed a very comprehensive library relocation system and one that centres around uncompromised security for your critical information. This is the reason we've been entrusted to relocate tape libraries for some of the Midland's largest companies.

Why a data security company?
Your chosen partner should bring proven credentials in data management and tape moves.
Data security providers safely handle and transport critical tapes daily. Flawless performance requires well-trained personnel who understand and respect the importance of your media; managers who appreciate the unique requirements and pressures of your data processing business; and substantial resources for safe, efficient movement and handling of your data.

What should you expect from your relocation partner?
First and foremost, a relocation manager who will serve as your single point of contact for all questions and decision implementation. Our relocation managers bring proven experience to your project. They are thoroughly versed in operations and cost estimation, and vested with the power to make all details come together. Second, your relocation partner must have the national network and affiliations to meet a wide range of critical move requirements.

Some call it overkill. We call it responsibility. You should expect no less.

If you are managing a relocation project for your company, then please email info@information-providers.ie for support inquiries.

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Offsite Protection Offsite Vaulting Main Frame Vaulting NT Server Vaulting Tape Relocation

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