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What Are Information Providers Customisation Services?
Information Providers Customisation Services allow you to have Information Providers customise and assemble systems exactly to your specifications. We provide these services to you via three services that fall under the Manufacturing and Technology Customisation umbrella:

System Configuration: Information Providers configures systems, utilising a variety of hardware, based on client requirements

Design Services : An Information Providers Technology Coordinator will design a custom hardware/software solution to match client requirements

Software Image Management: An Information Providers Technology Coordinator will consult, create and manage a software platform or application for the client


Information Providers's Customisation family of services:

  • Provide unique solutions based on your I/T requirements
  • Cover both hardware and software solutions
  • Offer a fast and efficient method to get solutions to the desktop
  • Offers improved availability and lower pricing
  • Utilise the most up-to-date tools and systems valuable time and money.

By utilising Information Providers Manufacturing and Customisation Services:

  • You have software images that are tested prior to company-wide deployment
  • You gain access to personnel experienced in software and hardware customisation
  • You increase end-user productivity and satisfaction by providing custom hardware to meet their computing requirements
  • You partner with a World Class provider with close relationships to the top hardware and software distributors and manufacturers

Our Manufacturing and Customisation Services help you leverage your I/T investments so that you can achieve your business goals, increase client satisfaction and remain competitive.

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