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What Are Information Providers Installation Services?

After purchasing computer technology, it is imperative that you ensure that the system is properly installed and operational. Otherwise, it can cause immediate work delays for employees and lead to future problems that may impact productivity. As part of Information Providers Life Cycle Services, Information Providers Installation Services provides all your computer equipment and related peripherals at your location.

Information Providers Installation Services can be coordinated through our call center. You gain the most leverage from this service when we coordinate it in conjunction with your technology procurement and asset management programs. Installation of the equipment will be coordinated to support your projects, technology rollouts and migrations.


Each Installation can include:

  • Receiving and set-up of the computer system and associated peripherals
  • Verifying the system's functionality and network connectivity
  • Updating the asset tracking system, if required
  • Loading software onto the system, if necessary
  • Ensuring overall user acceptance of the computer

Additionally, we can transfer existing data onto the new system and provide a brief system orientation for the end-user. All of our technical installation personnel have the necessary certifications and experience to insure that we provide the excellent service that you expect. Principle Installation service is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, Information Providers also can provide field teams to provide installation activities on weekend or after hours to so your business productivity is not disrupted.

Benefits to utilising our Installation Service are:

  • Assurance that your computer equipment and peripherals will be set up in complete working order
  • Reduction or elimination of work disruption for the end-user
  • Complete coordination of installation activities to ensure quick turnaround time from date of purchase to date of installation
  • Ability to coordinate installation services at multiple sites, nationwide, and international information

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