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What are Information Providers Leasing Services?

Technology issues are complicated enough. You want solutions that meet your business needs. You want solutions that offer premium performance and no down time; solutions that are leading edge today and easy to upgrade tomorrow. You want support and management services that cover your entire distributed environment. And…give you maximum value from the technology you deploy. Finally, you want it all at a cost that's affordable and manageable.

Welcome to Information Providers Leasing Services

- an industry-leading technology leasing solution that helps you easily and effectively manage upgrade issues, costs and more throughout the entire life cycle of your information technology.

Why lease instead of purchase?

Leasing offers many benefits - and more companies than ever are seeing the effect of those benefits on their balance sheets and on the faces of their employees. The GartnerGrouptm reports that more than half of I/T equipment in the United States was acquired through lease agreements in 1997 - and the percentage of software and I/T services being financed will grow from the current 5 percent to more than 25 percent by 2000. The bottom line is that leasing allows you to stay current with technology without major capital expenditures. Your competitive edge just got sharper - because you preserve your credit lines and working capital while keeping your users more productive by providing them the most up to date technology.

Information Providers is a provider of complete, integrated life cycle solutions - everything from planning and procurement to integration, support and total life cycle management. As a part of Information Providers' Technology Procurement Services, Information Providers Leasing Services adds the final but key component: the financial foundation for these solutions.

We provide multiple leasing programs that offer the flexibility you need, all from one source…Information Providers Leasing Services.

Information Providers Leasing Services
offers more advantages and leasing options than you'll find anywhere else:

  • Multiple leasing programs for increased flexibility and customisation.
  • Traditional or customised agreements
  • Flexible, competitive financing terms.
  • Variety of lease terms and options, including:
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Lease Extensions
  • Early Exits
  • Technology refresh


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