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What Are Information Providers Software Services?
Having the latest software for your employees is often just as critical as having up-to-date hardware for them to use. But selecting the appropriate software for your business and deciding whether you need licenses for everyone or just a particular department can be an enormous undertaking. Additionally, keeping up with the different software licenses and the requirements for all of them is an ominous task.

If you're looking for assistance with your software selection or licensing requirements, look to Information Providers Software Services.


We have a specialised sales and operations staff who has experience with most major software OEM licensing programs. This staff is dedicated to providing you with:
Software selection
Analysis and implementation of software license agreements
On-going management and reporting of license activities
A repository for all of your software contracts and reports of your software purchases

With this program you also will receive a hard copy of the software license certificate(s) for your files. Additionally, we can integrate your license activity with your hardware procurement process.

Selecting the Correct Software

Information Providers Software Services will eliminate the need for you to deal with the administrative nightmares of maintaining and updating your software license information. Additionally, we can help you make sure that you are selecting the right type(s) of software that best fit your employee needs and ensure that you are only purchasing the amount of software copies that you require. This means you save valuable time and money. At Information Providers, we realise that remaining competitive in today's business environment requires that your I/T systems and processes operate effectively. It also means that your employees must be as productive as possible and I/T punts are utilised wisely. We have developed our I/T services to help you drive efficient and manageable technology processes, thus allowing you to focus on your core business, leverage your I/T investments, optimise your ROI and increase end-user productivity.

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