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Streaming Media Services


We provide an end-to-end digital Streaming Media solution from on-location shooting to on-line global distribution. (*Free 1 hour video encoding if ordered before Christmas)

We stream full-length films, training videos, live events, radio stations, eCommercials, virtual reality, corporate presentations, product launches, and conference coverage.

Additional services include file Conversion, Optimisation, Encoding, Meta Data integration, Watermarking, Indexing, Multilingual Subtitling, PowerPoint Broadcast Integration, Pay-per-view, Interactive e-Commerce Integration, Content Management, Access Control, Syndication, and a Global Distribution Network.

Tips & Tricks

  • Thinking of a gradient background for your PowerPointŪ slides? Well, think again. Stick to solids, and you’ll live happily ever after with the results.

  • When you’re shooting video to use in your Webcast, keep your headshots tight and pour massive light on your subject.

  • Video for the Web works better if you forget you even have a lens that can zoom. Zooms are distracting and give a presentation an “amateurish” quality.

  • On the Web, fades to transition between shots, should be left on the cutting room floor. Clean edits are best. It’s best to forget about “Fade Up” to start and “Fade to Black” at the end, too.

  • Using video for your Webcast? Try not to move your camera at all. But if you have to, make any camera movements fluid and slow. Otherwise you’ll get blurring. 

  • Make sure you light your background as well as your speaker to avoid “floating heads”. But be sure that the light on the speaker is brighter by about a third. 

  • What’s the winning font type for PowerPointŪ slides? First place goes to Verdana! (Size 18 to 48), with Arial as the runner up. Set on another type? Check for those fuzzy, jagged edges first. 

  • Eye contact is important for establishing an emotional connection with your Web audience. Have your speaker look directly into the camera and remove any eyeglasses if possible. 

  • For Webcast purposes, have your speaker wear solid colors. Avoid red, white, and black. Patterns and stripes can cause bad ‘vibes’ too. 

  • Place your speaker in a chair or at a podium to help ‘anchor’ him or her to one spot and keep movements to a minimum. 

  • For best results with those PowerPointŪ slides you're planning to Webcast, the clear choice is to leave the shadows (on your text) behind. 

  • Please make sure to have a microphone in the audience for your question and answer period or have the speaker repeat the question before answering it.

  • Make your Webcast video a winner by keeping those pans to a minimum. If you have to pan, make it a slow one or you’ll get blurring. 

  • Using PowerPointŪ slides for your Web broadcast? Optimize downloads for even the slowest modem. Small file size is key. That means just text, no graphics. Also, limit your color choices to one.


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